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Wide Grip Chin Up With Assist

Wide Grip Chin Up With Assist

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Muscle Groups
  • Back
  • Latissimus dorsi (upper back) strength.
  • Biceps strength.


The wide grip chin up with assist can be performed by people of all ability levels. It is an excellent exercise for strengthening the large muscles of the back.


  • Set doors narrow, adjust swivel pulleys to approximately waist level and attach chin-assist strap ends to each swivel pulley.
  • Step onto center of chin-assist strap with one foot while grasping chin handles. Tuck opposite foot behind the other.
  • Pull body up until head clears chin-up bar.
  • Slowly lower body returning to start position and repeat.


  • Jutting the chin forward or up.
  • Shrugging the shoulders as you pull up.