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Muscle fascia and functional movement – Episode 24 with Ian O’Dwyer


The turn of the millennium brought the world of functional movement training to the fitness industry, then in 2007-08 many elite PT’s shifted focus to the role that fascia plays in movement control and function. Ian O’Dwyer was one of the leaders at the forefront of both of these changes within the fitness industry as he worked in conjunction with PT on the Net and PTA Global.


Ian O’Dwyer is an outstanding personal trainer specialising in the fitness-related field of functional movement. He is known for his unique observations and appreciation of the human body in motion. Many years of extensive conditioning and rehabilitation through sport, combined with spending time with global leaders in the fitness industry, has inspired Ian to evolve a highly effective movement philosophy.

Ian has developed applications that empower clients and fitness coaches with solutions to everyday issues, enabling them to regain responsibility for their own wellbeing. A sought-after presenter, Ian has also delivered over 500 fitness workshops around the world during his career. His ability to facilitate cutting-edge science and research into practical solutions has empowered wellness professionals to lead their client’s to more efficient and effective results.

Ian has operated his personal training studio in Queensland for over 2 decades, providing an important real-world centre where he has developed and refined his training approach over the years.

Functional movement coach, Ian O’Dwyer


Episode content: Muscle, fascia and functional movement

  • This episode includes the following:
  • What motivated Ian to get involved in the functional fitness movement?
  • An effective definition of functional training
  • The foundational principles that underpin functional training?
  • What is fascia? Why is this tissue so important to human movement?
  • What is vector variation?
  • Why are rhythm and timing such important training parameters?

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Links discussed in video:

During this episode, Ian spoke a few times regarding an expert in fascial anatomy called Tom Myers. You can find out more about his work by visiting Anatomy Trains.

Bonus video:

We recorded a short taster video that condenses some of the points discussed into a quick 5-minute interview. Enjoy this extra bonus.