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Foam rolling for optimal movement – Episode 39 with Rodney Corn



The use of foam rolling, or other self-massage tools, has shifted in recent years from a very niche, rarely seen piece of equipment, to becoming a regular item seen in most gyms that are now used by gym members and fitness trainers alike. The big question is whether foam rollers are being used correctly and can we exploit the potential benefits more effectively?

Guest biography

Rodney Corn has nearly 30 years of experience in the Health and Fitness industry as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, international educator and presenter, author and researcher. He is the former Director of Education for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and was a Co-Founder and former COO of Personal Training Academy (PTA) Global. He co-founded SOMA (Self Osteo-Myofascial Applications) with long-time friend and colleague, Ian O’Dwyer (See episode 24 with Ian). Rodney is also the Director of Eleiko Education, promoting performance, learning, and kindness through world-class education and products.

Rodney Corn Eleiko SOMA

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Episode content: Foam rolling 

Rodney helps us explore the effects and benefits of foam rolling and how this simple self-massage tool can be utilised to help improve human movement and joint function. There is a vast amount of information and helpful content in this episode, so enjoy!

  • 1.07: Rodney’s recent appointment as director of education at Eleiko
  • 3.22: Rodney shares how he blends the world’s of corrective exercise together with strength and conditioning work
  • 5.08: Brief explanation of SOMA
  • 6.27: 5 quick techniques for managing ongoing stress
  • 9.10: General explanation of the foam roller and how it helps optimise human movement
  • 15.48: Clarification between self-myofascial release and self-osteofascial engagement
  • 21.21: The use of foam rolling as a testing tool to determine muscle and soft tissue function
  • 24.08: Comparing muscle range of motion testing results to foam roller testing results
  • 28.00: The disconnect between passive joint range of motion and active functional joint motion
  • 30.40: Daily stress and other emotional factors impacting on soft tissue health and functional movement
  • 32.55: Rodney shares an example of how to apply soft tissue corrective techniques using the foam roller
  • 35.10: How to apply the foam roller to rigid joint structures, such as the knee

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