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Golf Swing W/ *TQGC Golf Club Handle

Golf Swing W/ *TQGC Golf Club Handle

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Muscle Groups
  • Abs and Core
  • Full Body
  • Core strength.
  • Full body strength.


The Golf Swing W/*TQGC Golf Club Handle is great full body core strengthening exercise.


  • Set doors wide, adjust swivel pulley to highest position and set resistance.
  • Standing approximately two feet away frompulley, grasp golf club handle and start at height of backswing with body perpendicular to pulley.
  • Slowly follow through with high to low swinging motion by rotating torso, then return to starting position and repeat.
  • After completing set, switch sides and repeat on other side, although this may feel unnatural.
  • * TQGC golf club handle sold separately


  • Rounding your back.