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Hockey Swing with FSSB Straight Bar

Hockey Swing with FSSB Straight Bar

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Muscle Groups
  • Abs and Core
  • Full Body
  • Core strength.
  • Full body strength.


The Hockey Swing with FSSB Straight Bar is a great full body and core exercise.


  • Adjust swivel pulleys to highest position, attach FSSB straight bar and set resistance.
  • Stand in staggered stance with body facing perpendicular to swivel pulley, grasp straight bar with an underhand and overhand grip with hands spaced shoulder width apart.
  • Keeping a slight bend in elbows, swing straight bar down and across midline of body while rotating torso as in hitting a hockey puck.
  • Reverse swing to starting position and repeat. After completing set, switch sides and repeat using other hand, although this may feel unnatural.


  • Rounding the back.
  • Not keeping the chest up.
  • Not rotating the torso.