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Kneeling High To Low Wood Chop w/FSSB Bar

Kneeling High To Low Wood Chop w/FSSB Bar

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Muscle Groups
  • Abs and Core
  • Upper Body
  • Upper body strength.
  • Core strength.


The Kneeling High To Low Wood Chop w/FSSB Bar strengthens the torso, back, shoulders and arms. This is a great upper body and core exercise.


  • Adjust swivel pulley to highest position, attach one end of the straight bar to the swivel pulley and set resistance.
  • Facing away from machine, kneel onto leg closest to swivel pulley with other knee bent 90° and in front; grasp bar firmly with upper arm extended and palm up and elbow of lower arm slightly bent and palm down.
  • Begin movement by rotating your trunk and immediately pull the bar from the machine in a downward chopping motion.
  • Return to start position and repeat. After completing one set, switch bar to the other swivel pulley and repeat for other side.


  • Pulling the bar without rotating the trunk.