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Lateral Box Shuffle

Lateral Box Shuffle

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Muscle Groups
  • Abs and Core
  • Hips & Buttocks
  • Legs
  • Leg power
  • Hip power


The lateral box shuffle is a good sport-specific training drill to increase leg power and lower-body conditioning. The lateral box shuffle can be included in your daily workout routine to elevate the metabolism. Perform a compound movement such as squats followed by a bodyweight exercise such as the lateral box shuffle to burn the maximum amount of calories during your workout.


  • Start with one foot on the floor and the other foot on top of the box.
  • Jump so that the bottom foot lands on the box, while the top foot lands on the floor to the opposite side of the box.
  • Immediately jump back to the other side, landing the same way you started.
  • Repeat without pausing during the landing phases. (Both feet always land at the same time.)


  • Going over the box lazily
  • Hunching and not keeping the chest up
  • Ground-contact takes too long at the sides