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Muscle Groups
  • Abs and Core
  • Full Body
  • Strengthens legs, hips, torso, arms and shoulders.
  • Increases cardiovascular conditioning.
  • Develops and strengthens basic motor patterns.


The rotation exercise is good for developing strength and flexibility in your torso. It can be done with just your body weight or you can add weight with a medicine ball or dumbbell. The rotation exercise can be used as a dynamic warm up for golf, baseball and any other sport involving rotational movement.


  • With your feet wider than shoulder width, hold your hands relaxed in front of you.
  • Rotate your body from side to side
  • While rotating, pivot lightly onto the ball/toes of the back foot
  • Rotate as far as is comfortable, keeping your head forward throughout


  • Not turning as far as possible.
  • Not pivoting onto the ball of the back foot.
  • Allowing the head to sway from side to side instead of staying centered.