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Wide-Stance Barbell Parallel Squat

Wide-Stance Barbell Parallel Squat

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Muscle Groups
  • Abs and Core
  • Hips & Buttocks
  • Legs
  • Leg strength
  • Glute strength
  • Torso strength


The wide stance barbell parallel (full) squat develops power and strength in the legs and glutes. The full range of motion emphasizes the glutes. The wide stance targets the inner thigh muscles. Warm-up thoroughly before performing full squats.


  • With the barbell on your upper back, stand with both feet wider than hip width (wide stance).
  • Keeping the chest up at all time, lower yourself carefully by bending the hips and knees.
  • Keep your weight on both heels as you squat down until your upper thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • Keeping the knees tracking straight at all time, return to the top.


  • Rounding the back
  • Buckling the knees inward
  • Tilting the ankles inward